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Shiny Red Apples: Countdown to v3.0


We are extremely proud to countdown to March 31 for the release of osCommerce Online Merchant v3.0 and to cause a disruption in the Open Source and e-commerce community. Our future goals are based on this new foundation that will continually be improved on to meet the demands of tomorrows store…


Are BRIC countries bound to grow?

There’s been a lot of enthusiasm about doing business and buying assets in BRIC countries. Brazil, Russia, India and China seem to be on the way to become new powerhouses of the globalized world in the coming years, according to many analysts.

But is enthusiasm surrounding these emerging economies not clouding judgment about obstacles ahead? Or at least simplifying what is in fact much more complicated that most people think? Is investing in South America still a good idea?

Interesting analysis by the Atlantic that argues that Growth is not destiny for BRIC economies.